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LazyTown's Episodes Titles/Summaries & Air Dates Guide
Updated as of 7/26/09
For a more update Episode List and Summaries check out-…

LazyTown's Cast
* Magnús Scheving as Sportacus
* Stefán Karl Stefánsson as Robbie Rotten
* Julianna Rose Mauriello as Stephanie
* Gudmundur Thor as the voice of Ziggy
* Jodi Eichelberger as the voice of Stingy
* Sarah Burgess as the voice of Trixie
* Kobie Powell as the voice of Pixel
* David Matthew Feldman as the voice of Mayor Milford Meanswell
* Julie Westwood as the voice of Bessie Busybody

*Julianna Rose Mauriello: She was born in 1991. When she was around 8 she began her acting career in high school plays. Later she got her first part on a Broadway play as lil' Titch in "Oklahoma!" after this she was on "Gypsy". Soon after that, she got her part on "Lazytown". Everyone in all ages love her and the show!

*Magnus Scheving: The creator and spirit of LazyTown. He is a world class athlete, entrepreneur, writer and producer. He has been host and producer of popular health-related children´s television shows in his native Iceland and is a well-known comedian and entertainer in his home country.

*Stefan Karl: A gifted actor and musician, Stefan Karl has worked extensively on television, film, theater, radio and stand-up comedy in  his native Iceland.  A member of the National Theater of Iceland, he has appeared in many productions including Cyrano de Bergerac and Little Shop of Horrors.

Lazytown's New Superhero Movie
On DVD now, so hurry and go to your nearest local store to pick it up! + The soundtrack too!

Movie Summary
Originally aired: Monday August 15, 2005 on Nickelodeon then the next date on August 16, 2005 the dvd was release! ^.^ The show's soundtrack album was also available on Aug. 16, 2005!

LazyTown has a new superhero and her name is SportaStephanie! In this special one-hour episode, Sportacus takes a vacation and leaves LazyTown in the hands of his good friend Stephanie. As SportaStephanie, she faces her first big challenge when Robbie unleashes a hero-hating machine called Robo-Dog.

For for Screencaps from the movie
Check out Loralit 's Lazytown Movie Sceencaps:…
Loralit 's Lazytown Cry Dinosaur Screenshots!:…

Below is a list for each episode for all the seasons!
(Episode #, Title of Episode, Original Aired Dated)

Season 1
1.      Welcome to LazyTown  - 8/16/2004  
2. Defeeted  -  8/16/2004
3. Sports Day - 8/17/2004
4. Crystal Caper -  8/18/2004
5. Sleepless in LazyTown - 8/19/2004
6. Swiped Sweets - 8/20/2004
7. Hero for a Day - 8/23/2004
8. Sportafake -  8/24/2004
9. Happy Brush Day - 8/25/2004
10.    Lazy Scouts - 8/26/2004
11.    Dr. Rottenstein - 9/27/2004
12.    Rottenbeard  - 10/4/2004
13.    Cry Dinosaur  - 10/25/2004
14.    My Treehouse - 11/11/2004
15.    Laziest Town - 6/6/2005
16.    Dear Diary - 6/7/2005
17.    Zap It! -  6/8/2005
18.    Records Day - 6/9/2005
19.    Prince Stingy - 6/10/2005
20. - 7/11/2005
21.    Play Day - 8/1/2005
22.    Remote Control - 8/2/2005
23.    Sportacus Who? - 8/3/2005
24.    Soccer Sucker - 8/3/2005
25.    Miss Roberta - 8/4/2005
26.    LazyTown's New Superhero  - 8/15/2005
27.    Secret Agent Zero  - 10/21/2005
28.    LazyTown's Greatest Hits  - 11/23/2005
29.    LazyTown's Surprise Santa  - 12/9/2005
30.    Robbie's Greatest Misses  - 2/7/2006

Season 2
31.   Sports Candy Festival -    5/16/2006        
32. Dancing Duel  -  5/17/2006
33. Ziggy's Alien -  5/17/2006
34. Sportacus on the Move!  - 5/18/2006
35. Rockin Robbie  -  9/25/2006
36. Little Sportacus  -  9/26/2006
37. Trash Trouble  -  9/27/2006
38. Double Trouble -  9/28/2006
39. Haunted Castle  - 10/24/2006
40. The LazyTown Snow Monster  -  12/15/2006
41. The LazyTown Circus  - 4/2/2007
42. Friends Forever!   - 4/3/2007
43. Pixel TV  - 4/4/2007
44. School Scam  - 4/5/2007
45. Energy Book  - 0/0/0
46. Birthday Surprise   - 0/0/0
48. LazyTown Goes Digital  -  0/0/0
49. The Lazy Genie  -  0/0/0
50. Once Upon a Time  - 0/0/0
51. Sportacus Saves the Toys  -  0/0/0

Season 3
According to a March 2007 article in, LazyTown is in the planning stages of a third season.

For a more update Episode List and Summaries check out-…

Episode Summaries!

For Summaries for all the episodes please go to LazyTown - Episode Guide TV Tome

The list of episodes came from LazyTown a Titles & Air Dates Guide by Undeclared and the summaries came from LazyTown - Episode Guide TV Tome

For a more update Episode List and Summaries check out-…

Song Titles ^.^ updated as of 5/21/06
In order as on Nick Jr Radio
For more lyrics please see Music

There is currently 1 song that has some issue problems with loading and that is Master of Disguise, so you may or may not get them to work. Just letting you all know.

"Welcome to Lazy Town"
"Bing Bang"
"There Always A Way"
"Cooking Book"
"Get it Together"
"Have You Never?"
"Twenty Times Time"
"Go For It"
"Wake Up"
"The Mine Song"
"Step by Step"
"Good Stuff"
"Team Work"
"Anything Can"
"Lazy Scout"
"You Are a Pirate"
"Spooky Song"
"Man on a Mission"
"I Love Christmas"
"Woof, Woof, Woof"
"Gizmo Guy"
"Good to be Bad"
"I Can't Move"
"I'm A Prince"
"Master of Disguise" (this song has some loading issues on Nick Jr's Radio)

Enjoy! If there is an information above wrong or like to add any more info please feel free to contact the club by noting us^.^
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